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      Yueqing east hetian electric Co., LTD.DoHo Electric Co., Ltd. is a star with the level of modern technology, manufacturers of electrical Located in the East China Sea, Oujiang River, south of Hill, Zhejiang Liu Shi,Close to 104 State Line Road and Highway Shen Hai,Train station only 10 km away from Yueqing,Wenzhou airport 25 km,Taizhou airport 25 km.Company's existing major provinces and cities designated more than 30 agents and distributors,3 established in the country offices,established a liaison office in Europe,more than 120 employees,15,000 square meters modern factory,fixed assets amounted to 1,000 million yuan.

     DoHo company specializes in producing all kinds of low voltage switch cabinets and accessories, lighting, power distribution boxes, multimedia information boxes, meter boxes, etc, is the industry's larger manufacturers of electrical shell star. Production of products in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system, GB standards. Designed to meet the United States VL1012, Germany TUVEN60950, EC EMCLVD, VL1950, IEC950 and other international standards. Products widely used in home construction, power communication, traffic engineering, is the world's low-voltage electrical industry giants - long-term partner Chint Group, boutique real estate and was the major focus on engineering applications. Companies adhere to the " brand + quality = trusted "business philosophy, DoHo people always believe the brand is an intangible asset for the enterprise, In the efforts to create "DOHO", "东禾"brand in the process, fully recognizes the needs of customers and consumers,continue to provide satisfactory service quality and value, initiated the "TCO cost-optimal"service, directly reduce the production costs to help customers and consumers, active practice of "creating value for customers, seeking development for staff ,responsible for the community "the corporate mission, in maintaining healthy and rapid development of the enterprise, vigorously carry out in-house building activities of various civilizations, demonstrate the value of staff, from the beginning of construction of enterprise empowerment has to promote a full and happy work Enterprise "family culture", and actively return to the community, he has poor relief, Project Hope and other generous social welfare charity. Honest, sincere people of DoHo mind; Trust is a solemn commitment to the DoHo man. In the future, the DoHo were constant pursuit of innovation, sophistication. As always, new and old customers at home and abroad to cooperate, Together to create a satisfaction with the community, customers benefit, labor and thus the "win-win"situation.
East hetian trademark definition

1, "east bluegrass" figure trademark by "east" word pinyin the abbreviations letter "DO" and "hetian" word homophonic letters "HO" combination becomes.

2, marks left green, green "2008" part show enterprise of passion and vitality. Means there is happy and joyful mood, this is we realize the value of life, creating a life perennial source. Green, people-oriented, and it indicates the east hetian build green ecological enterprise's determination and confidence.

3, marks the most with black mass-tone, composed, grave. Edom hetian hanyu pinyin first letter "D" as the head, represents a motivation, rolling forward development trend, and demonstrate the company keep the development course of origin, With "2008" closeout, like a commemorative sprints flywheel, meaning that the enterprise development has a strong momentum in the enterprise, and implication of lofty centenary 1.6-kilometre grand view. Black east hetian Chinese phonetic alphabet, a simple and accurate outstanding enterprise name, identification, very strong. The whole logo concise and strong, industry characteristic and spacious.

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