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      Influence of a country and nation prosperity, relationship to an enterprise prosperous developed are various factors, complex. But one of the crucial factors, is talented person. "DeRenZhe fought, ShiRenZhe lost world" is China ancient times would have thought. Li shi-mm "into in the employing, defeat in the employing idea", summarized the Confucian moral cultivation, the harmony of correct experience. Flat American steel king Carnegie said: "even now stripped me of my all property, if still let me have original band, then, four years later, I will still a steel king." Visible talent is of great importance.
Now, the competition between countries, technology is a competition, but the bottom line is talent competition, who first possess high-tech technical talents, modern management talents, who can be the technology big advantage, surfing the indefectible position. So, the relevant talent identification and selection, talent the use and management of all become important research subject. About the measure of a man, if the law, employing way, educating the diameter is always the main work of human resources management.
    Frist, scientific and comprehensive talent
1, generalized: "everyone is a talent"
2, narrow sense: (knowledge + knowledge + consciousness = talent)
    Second, talent quality principle (standard) : Employing excel, both ability and political integrity is any era and class for consensus quality standards, but to have both ability and moral connotation, different age and class have different understanding. Character is the important measure talents scale. Choose talent, must be judges of his conduct, if their conduct good, just can be employed. So-called character, it is to point to a person should have conforms with the social ethic moral consciousness, moral, ethical behavior. Talent is just another important conditions. Is refers to person's talent, intelligence or talent. It mainly consists of knowledge, intelligence and skill, etc. Character and ability are two important aspects of talents, both are necessary. DE by just come to play, just depend DE to command. Virtuous incompetence, will inevitably influence on the development of the cause of, There can be no virtue, it will form the crafty false power of situation, eventually leading to the cause of YuCuo or the comprehensive failure.
    Three, enterprise on the talent requirements: 1, startup period: heavy its only, slightly its virtue. 2, it) : integrity.
    Four, introduce talents "5 words" tactic.
1, please: is active go outside please enterprise need all aspects of talents,
2, buy: is that according to the talent market standard, pay to have got over the talent shortage,
3, rent: short-term renting is in urgent need of talents,
4, na: is widely received all kinds of talented personnel;
5, yu: is strengthening post skills training, submitted enterprise required talents my further studies.

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