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Drawer-type switch

Drawer-type switch

Cabinet put oneself in another's position for the overall assembly type structure, the main frame by KF type structure, high precision, strength, this structure based on E = mm module design, installation (assembly) connection is convenient and flexible. Cabinet put oneself in another's position and our country related dimension conforms with IEC, frame of the national standard with KF profiles, u-shaped beam, bolts and nuts board ingrafting into it. When her mistress line rated current less than 4000A, the main frame can be adopted by the u-shaped KB profiles, beam, plate connecting bolts and nuts and become, usable also aluminum alloy system tee connected and into. If a functional unit geometry dimension conforms with mm and share points (20mm modulus 100mm, 200mm...) when, also can choose FA profiles and KS profiles (these two profile is the 20mm module). These sections use does not reduce its product of mechanical properties and electrical properties. Framework of static load for 2000kg, moving load for 400kg.

  Size series

Wide advanced(mm)
   1000×2200×1000、     1000×2200×1000
   800×2200×1000、      800×2200×1000
   650×2200×1000、      650×2200×1000

  Isolation structure

Every function room separate from each other, the separate Chambers is divided into functional unit room, busbar room, cable chamber. Each every room effect relatively independent. According the user's needs, design disjunctive forms for: form 1, form 2a form 3a, form 4a, form 4b.


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